Brian McCann racks adult transport miles during Yankees open training

VIERA, Fla. — It’s singular for a star actor to make as many highway trips as Brian McCann has already this spring, though a Yankees are doing their partial to assistance a new catcher get proficient with his pitching staff.

McCann done a three-hour outing to Viera to locate CC Sabathia’s start on Tuesday, a initial time a Yankees’ expected Opening Day battery has worked together in a game.

“This attribute is intensely critical between him and a pitchers,” Joe Girardi said. “We try to get him with as many guys as we consider are going be with us, generally a starters, so he can see them mixed times and get gentle with them.”

Sabathia struggled early with his smoothness and command, though McCann forked something out to a pitcher that helped him get his things underneath control.

“I can’t tell we what we did, though he picked it adult right away,” Sabathia said. “I can tell we’re going to be means to work together unequivocally good.”

McCann will locate Sabathia again Sunday in Panama. McCann is also looking brazen to saying Mariano Rivera, whom he faced usually once behind in 2006, attack a comebacker to a closer.


“I’ve never met him; I’m concerned to do that,” McCann said. “He’s a biggest of all time. Being around that participation is special.”


Mark Teixeira went 0-for-3 in Tuesday’s detriment to a Nationals, withdrawal him 1-for-8 so distant this spring. Teixeira pronounced he “couldn’t be happier with how we feel right now,” adding that zero has done him consider about how his surgically remade wrist is holding up.

“If we was carrying a lot of soreness, a lot of bad swings, where it only didn’t feel right, or situations where we had to let go with one palm or things like that, afterwards I’d be like, ‘OK, we need to make certain that this is going to be good for a prolonged season,’” Teixeira said. “But a way

I feel right now, we have no complaints.”



The Yankees got a shock in a bottom of a fourth, nonetheless they were means to giggle about it after a game.

McCann — who certified he didn’t call for a round — staid underneath Scott Hairston’s pop-up in front of a image while third baseman Dean Anna came using down a line. Anna got tripped adult by McCann’s catcher’s mask, causing him to tumble down behind a catcher, who fell retrograde over a infielder in what will certainly be enclosed in a open training miss tilt somewhere.

“It was interesting; we can’t contend I’ve ever seen a third baseman outing over a mask, though we theory it happens,” Girardi said. “I told Anna, ‘Around here, we hang adult when we make tackles; we don’t only dive for people’s legs.”


Asked because he didn’t make a extensive outing opposite a state to Viera, Derek Jeter smiled. “I was really going, though we missed a bus,” a Captain said. “First time ever.” . . . Matt Thornton had a severe time during a one-inning unnatural game, going 3-2 on 4 of a 5 batters he faced. Only 14 of his 29 pitches were strikes. . . . Hiroki Kuroda starts Wednesday opposite a Tigers.

— With Bill Madden in Tampa

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