Friends ‘praying’ for harmed British lady orphaned in Indian train crash

Rupesh Nawarkhele, 38, and mother Kavita Nawarkhele, 37, were killed when a overnight train they were travelling on collided with a car.

But their daughter Ananya, nine, survived and has been seeking for her parents, with her heart-broken kin nonetheless to mangle a harmful news.

Neighbour Amol Khamkar, 42, who worked with Mr Nawarkhele, pronounced Ananya is in a life-threatening condition after pang critical injuries next a abdomen.

“Everything is ruptured”, he said. 

The youngster is now being treated during a supervision sanatorium in a northern city of Chandigarh and could be changed to a sanatorium in New Delhi tonight, if her condition improves.

Speaking from his home in Southampton, Hampshire, Mr Khamkar said: “Please, everybody, keep praying for her rapid recovery.

“At some indicate in time we will be organising a request assembly during a Hindu church a family ceremony during for her and in memory of her amatory parents.

“Her universe is here in Britain and anybody who is reading this or listening to a news on a radio – greatfully keep praying for her recovery.

“We have oral to a family on a phone who told us Ananya is unwavering and recovering.

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