March starting with disruptive snow, ice in Northeast

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The initial day of open competence be after this month, though dreams of warmer continue can’t start only yet, as Mother Nature has another winter charge streamer toward North Jersey.

As a day progresses flurries will start to tumble in a segment and will gradually feature via Sunday, according to Brian Ciemnecki, a meteorologist during a National Weather Service.

When all is pronounced and finished Bergen and Passaic counties can design somewhere between 4 and 6 inches of accumulation, he said.

The southern tools of both counties could see some-more of a wintery-mix, Ciemnecki said, compared to municipalities serve north, that can design mostly snow.

The charge should finish someday around midnight on Sunday, Ciemnecki said, and Monday’s invert should not be too formidable to navigate.

Sunday’s sleet charge comes on a heels of a brutally cold February.

The normal heat in North Jersey was 21.2 degrees final month, according to information gathered during a Hawthorne hire of a North Jersey Weather Observers, a internal continue consulting group.

“We’re starting off this month with a delay of what we’ve had,” Bob Ziff, a orator for a group, said. “Just since it’s Mar doesn’t meant it can’t snow.”

Besides a peppery cold day-in-and-day-out forcing North Jersey residents to gold up, February’s cold temperatures also set some new records.

Last month was a second coldest Feb going behind to 1893, according to a North Jersey Weather Observers data, and was a fourth coldest month altogether going behind to a same date.

The coldest month in North Jersey all-time was Feb 1934 – when a normal heat clocked in during 19.7 degrees, according to a data.

“I have to admit, I’m really begrudgingly looking brazen to grass-cutting weather,” Ziff said.

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