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Join Diane Cline, RYT for the 6 night, 5 day Spiritual Adventure on Hawaii’s Big Island. This is a soul calling for people who want to re-ignite their passion for life, creativity, relationships and joy!  Cline’s healing retreat and spiritual journey on the Big Island of Hawaii promises inspirational yoga, wellness, sound healing and much more.  Yoga Inspirations 2014 Yoga Retreat & Spirital Adventure Event, May 3-9, 2014 on Big Island Hawaii.

Diane’s Hawaii yoga retreat and Big Island Spiritual Adventure is an All Included 5 Star Retreat with plenty of daily free time for attendees. Go to those who feed your soul.  Learn meditation practices that will TRANSFORM your life.  Learn to co-create your life, your reality and have FUN while you are learning. This is the journey of a lifetime, not to be missed!

“Our May retreat is a comprehensive Women’s event focused on the Sacred Feminine and connection to Madame Pele,” says retreat organizer and leader, Diane Cline, RYT.  “Anyone who attends will re-ignite their passions for careers, life and creativity by tapping into the special energy available near an active volcano!”

Each day of the retreat includes:

• Morning yoga

• A 3- 4 hour excursion (details below)

• Sound healing and learning to play the alchemy crystal bowls.

Plus, there’s plenty of free time to experience your own sacredness and go deeper while on the Big Island of Hawaii with self-renewal, reflection, and private time to wander our luxurious setting in paradise!

Excursions in Hawaii’s Big Island Paradise include:

✓ Snorkeling in the most vibrant coral reefs Hawaii has to offer

✓ Kayaking with Dolphins

✓ A night time Manta ray snorkel

✓ Visiting 5 fantastic beaches, including Hapuna Beach – Ranked one of the World’s Top 10 Beaches!

Enjoy yoga and meditation as Diane, a 17 year practitioner, guides you into your inner realms, connecting to your unlimited potential.  Sound healing sessions will include “harp on heart” and “alchemy crystal bowls” in an exquisite sound journey to connect with your Soul, Highest Truth and Light.

Also, learn about Hawaiian spirituality teachings, or “Huna” with Renee Janton, a 20 year practitioner.  Janton will guide attendees in the breath of “ha” as well as, lead sacred ceremonies at two sacred ceremony sites, called Heiaus using authentic Hawaiian chanting and protocols.

This very intimate women’s healing retreat is limited to 12 participants and filling fast.

Previous attendees have called Cline’s women’s nurturing retreats “inspirational and life-changing.”  One recent attendee, Suzanna, praised Cline’s empowerment retreat saying:

“I am most impressed by the way [Diane] did everything so perfectly!  We were treated like queens while being exercised and stimulated and inspired and introduced to memorable people and nurtured in every way!  I am singing [her] praises to every one I know and meet!!”

If you’ve been searching for a Spiritual Journey & Adventure to rival all others – This Is It!

Experience renewed inspiration, healing and women’s nurturing with daily yoga, meditation and sound alchemy wellness healing.  Join Diane Cline and co-host Renee Janton on the Big Island of Hawaii for the 2014 Hawaii Yoga Retreat, Wellnesss & Spiritual Adventure, May 3-9, 2014.

Pre-Registration Deadline:  April 25, 2014

Price:  $1900 – $2500

Dates:  January 3-9, 2014

Location:  Kailua-Kona, HI (Big Island of Hawaii)

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