Miami Takes a Shine to Medical Tourism

Healthcare decision makers should take note that the 5th annual International Medical Travel and Business Summit will be taking place inMiami May 6-8th at the beautiful Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach. This highly visible networking meeting has been a stunning success over the years bringing many elements of the healthcare industry ttogether including, buyers of healthcare, health insurance companies, third party administrators, self-insured corporations and many more.

In this new and technical world there will also be addresses on managing technology and social media in a world increasingly defined by short attention spans and fierce online competition. finding your internet voice will be a key theme at this year’s summit and alternative methods to increasing traffic and rebvenues will be thoroughly discussed.If you or anyone you know would like to save money on healthcare then the 5th annual International medical travel and Business Summit will be worth attending. Register today at

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One thought on “Miami Takes a Shine to Medical Tourism

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