Weary LaBarbera wins puncture start for Ducks

DENVER Jason LaBarbera was in Norfolk, Va., on Saturday night removing prepared to attend a Halloween celebration with his American Hockey League teammates when he perceived a phone call from a Anaheim Ducks.

Anaheim goalie Frederik Andersen was experiencing narrowing in his leg and they indispensable LaBarbera to make a cross-country outing to Denver to dress as John Gibson‘s backup Sunday night opposite a Colorado Avalanche during Pepsi Center.

Jason LaBarbera

“I went out to eat cooking with a guys, went home and packed, slept for dual hours,” pronounced LaBarbera, who done 16 saves in a Ducks’ 3-2 win. “Got adult and jumped on a plane. Here we was, we approaching to behind up.”

LaBarbera pronounced he got adult during 5 a.m. ET for a 7 a.m. moody to Atlanta, with a joining moody to Denver. His craft landed during 11:30 a.m. MT and he arrived during a hotel dual hours later.

“I had an hour nap,” he said. “I didn’t even unequivocally eat, salad and soup.”

The backup devise altered when Ducks manager Bruce Boudreau pronounced Gibson “came adult a small lame” in a warmup, dire LaBarbera into a starting role. So a Ducks called goalie consultant Dwayne Roloson, who watched a warmup from a press box, and asked him to dress in box they indispensable an puncture backup. He wore jersey No. 79.

“I don’t know what happened to Gibby. Something happened to him,” LaBarbera said. “I came in after warmup and everybody is looking during me. Something happen? What’s going on? You don’t have a lot of time to get ready, only go out and try to do what we do.

“It’s customarily improved not to have time to consider about it. Take a integrate of low breaths and refocus yourself. we played a good game, both games on a weekend. Go off that. we physically felt good. we was in la-la land. It was tough to unequivocally get focused.”

LaBarbera, 34, gave adult a soothing idea to Avalanche rookie Dennis Everberg during 2:18 of a initial period, though he staid down after that, finishing with 16 saves in a 3-2 victory.

“I played Friday and Saturday in Norfolk,” he said. “I’ve been in some gummy situations in my career, though that was substantially a hardest. The guys were imaginary in front of me. What an bid by everybody restraint shots and determining a puck and not creation turnovers. we suspicion we were unusual tonight.”

LaBarbera picked adult his initial NHL win given Oct. 7, 2013, opposite a New Jersey Devils when he was a member of a Edmonton Oilers.

“I had talked to Jason given he played Friday and Saturday, so it’s not really mostly goalies go 3 [games] in 3 [nights] in any league, so we have to trust he was flattering shaken a initial 5 minutes,” Boudreau said. “He staid down flattering good. I’m blissful a guys came adult and played tough for him in front of him.”

Roloson, 45, played 16 seasons in a NHL with 6 teams though has not played in an NHL diversion given 2011-12 with a Tampa Bay Lightning. He

put on a pads in a morning given Andersen was singular to off-ice exercises. Roloson did make an coming on a dais during a diversion though spent many of a time in a locker room.

“We were prepared to have an puncture backup, though we would have had to do all a paperwork,” Boudreau said. “We were only anticipating LaBarbera didn’t get hurt.”

NHL manners state that “if both listed goalkeepers are incapacitated, that group shall be entitled to dress and play any accessible goalkeeper who is available. This goalkeeper is authorised to lay on a player’s bench, in uniform. In a eventuality that a dual unchanging goalkeepers are harmed or incapacitated in discerning succession, a third goalkeeper shall be supposing with a reasonable volume of time to get dressed, in further to a two-minute warmup (except when he enters a diversion to urge opposite a chastisement shot).”

Boudreau pronounced he didn’t consider Gibson’s damage is critical and that he would be re-examined when a group returned to Anaheim. LaBarbera accompanied a Ducks on a moody home.

“Until we get both goalies healthy, he’s with us,” Boudreau said.

LaBarbera pronounced he didn’t know if anyone had retrieved a diversion puck for him as a souvenir for this astonishing adventure.

“No, no, we don’t consider so,” he said. “I don’t even know. I’m still in la-la land. It feels like a dream. we don’t even know what happened.”

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